Worldwide collaborations between our various locations and sales companies create synergies and guarantee direct communication within the corporation. We are proud to maintain a network that promotes and ensures information exchange at all levels, providing us with a unique platform for ideas to grow and evolve, and for developing successful solutions.


About MMC Hartmetall GmbH

MMC Hartmetall GmbH located in Meerbusch, Düsseldorf is a Group Company of the Japanese Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and European Headquarters of the cutting tools division. For over the past 30 years our company has been delivering cutting tools and integrated solutions that meet our customers’ needs keeping up with the latest market trends. The European Headquarters represents Mitsubishi Materials Corporation in Europe. Additionally, four sister companies in the UK, Italy, France and Poland, together with a newly established branch office in Turkey and more than 30 national distributors offer services throughout Europe. Another subsidiary of the Corporation operates in Spain where there is a production plant as well as a sales office.

Our product portfolio includes a great variety of Mitsubishi Materials cutting tools for drilling, milling and turning, carefully developed to perfectly serve customers from our core business areas i.e. automotive, aerospace, medical, mold and die and general machining.

Committed to our values and dedicated to our customers’ success we work closely together building lifelong relationships. Our deep technical expertise and know how enable us to offer intelligent, cost-effective solutions that increase customer satisfaction.

More than 50 years industry experience and Head Offices in Japan, USA, Asia and Europe, position Mitsubishi Materials Corporation amongst the leading companies in the development and production of cutting materials, coatings and precision tools for the metal working industry worldwide.


ООО «ММС Хардметал» является одной из восьми европейских торговых компаний японской корпорации Mitsubishi Materials, которая основана в 2001 г. в г. Москве.

Будучи приверженными нашим ценностям и успеху наших клиентов, мы строим тесные долгосрочные партнерские отношения. Наша профессиональная компетенция

и ноу-хау уже более 15 лет позволяют нам предлагать инновационные, экономически эффективные инструментальные решения для металлообработки по всей России.

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